Watch this space for news, events and other things we think you might find interesting!

March 2012
Jeremy's schedule is filling up fast, make sure you can get in before it's time to roll your windows down. We've got new Kenwood models in and new Hertz speakers on their way. Got speakers?

January 2012
Through the end of the weekend only, we're offering 15% of all Parasound product. We have their new Zcd on display to check out. Take advantage of this deal while it lasts and save yourself some big money.

August 2011
We've got 2 new kits, just in from R&D, in stock and ready to buy. Our Point2C, center channel, and Point2D, D'Appolito mini-tower. In two weeks, stop in to the brand new Mezcaleria Oaxaca to take a listen or swing by the store to take your's home today.

June 2011
A spy shot of 'real world testing' of our new Point2D mini-tower!
This speaker is designed with controlled vertical dispersion for hard surfaced rooms where most speakers sound harsh.

Small, clean and LOUD

February 2011
The new Point1 kits are shipping finally! It was a long development process, but the results are well worth it.
Take a look at our Speaker Kit and online store pages for details.

You asked, so we did it! We have launched a Merchandise Store where you can buy cool Speakerlab stuff. Show your colors with a nostalgic t-shirt or travel mug!

January 2011
Happy new year!
We are looking forward to a great year with our showroom completely remodeled and our theater room showing
the latest in 3D!

December 2010
We are now accepting pre-orders for the new Point1 speakers in kit form,
please look at our online store for details.

October 2010
We won!
We are thrilled to be named 'the #1 Best Car Stereo Shop' in Western Washington in the King5/Evening Magazine Best of the Northwest 2010! Thank you to all who voted for us.

August 2010
We're thrilled to be nominated for the Best Car Stereo! Make us #1 in Western Washington.

We're Competing badge

June 2010
We are proud to be the new Seattle source for Revel and Paradigm loudspeakers, as well as the award winning line of Anthem electronics. We will be adding more new and exciting lines in the next month, so check back or come into the store to see!
Speaking of the store, we have completely remodeled our Roosevelt store, come in and take a look at what we have done!
Kit speaker update, take 4! After releasing the engineering to production we have had a major delay in parts supply, so late April is now looking like July, sorry about that. We continue to enjoy the prototypes at the store, so we are sure you will enjoy the finished product!

March 2010
We have finally released the Point1 speaker design for production and should have product by mid to late April! We didn't like delaying these any more than you did, but we wanted to make sure they would be the best speaker in their class, and that took a lot of testing and refinement.

November 2009
In celebration of the beginning of shopping season, we are putting all* our demo products on sale! Stop by the store for some great deals and see what is new for the holidays, it sure beats the time, gas and headaches of the big box stores!
(*unless restricted by the manufacturer)

The updates for the Point Series woofer are completed and we should finish testing soon. The goal is to have a limited number available before the end of the year (hopefully before Christmas for those who have been very good this year!).

October 2009
The economy is rough, but we continue to move forward, bringing in some new and innovative products like Grado's new audiophile earbuds that can make a portable device sound exceptional. And if you haven't heard (yes, heard) the new Mitsubishi TV's, stop by for a listen, finally a TV solution for a room with no room for an audio! Oh, and they look stunning too!

Based on feedback and testing, we tweaking the woofer design to get even better performance for the Point Series. This has delayed it a bit, but we feel the changes will be well worth it.

September 2009
We just had a great reunion with the founders and over 50 former staff of Speakerlab. It was a wonderful day reminiscing and talking about the future. And as a great example of 'just in time' engineering, the prototype Point1's were done just in time to debut to much critical acclaim! It was perfect timing to get them there in front of the engineers that founded the company and get some real direct feedback. Comments like, "great soundstage" and "very smooth response" peppered the responses and we will be using all the data we received to tweak in the final products.

August 2009
We just received the first samples of the new kit speaker drivers! We want to get them through testing and into production, but we will take a break from that to show them off at our warehouse sale.

July 2009
A peek behind the design curtain- we have updated our speaker kit page with information on the new Point Line speakers that will be coming out later this year!

May 2009
Coming this summer, a Speakerlab alumni reunion! Ok, we will probably open it up to friends and family too (as long as they understand it will be a do-it-yourself 'er affair!). We will have many special guests, and fun audio/video related events, as well as demos of some new speakers. Watch this space for details.