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- we aren't just a website
  No matter how big a web retailer is, they aren't hands on with products and clients. At Speakerlab we only sell on line what we sell every day in our store, and install every day in clients' homes, so we really know the products.
- we have great technical relationships with our vendors
  We are not a big box store, and we don't sell big box brands, so our relationships with our vendors are about the quality and features of their products, not how many we can sell in a month.
- we started out in mail order before anyone else even thought of it
  We started selling speakers and hi-fi equipment by mail order in 1971. So long before the inter-web was even dreamed of, we were satisfying the needs of customers near and far.
- we're just nicer
  With all the impersonality of the inter-web we feel it is important to provide you a place where you can deal with real people who love audio and video and are here to help you discover (or re-discover) how enjoyable music and movies can be.

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