Speaker Repair

Speakerlab is one of the few companies in the country with the knowledge to rebuild just about any loudspeaker! Our skilled staff can evaluate your speakers and recommend the most cost effective path to make them as good as new.

Whether your speaker needs new surrounds, a new cone or two, a new driver, or even a crossover repair, we can make sure they go home sounding as good as you remember.

speaker needing repair speaker needing repair speaker needing repair

Speakerlab can repair or recone most speakers if parts are still available. Speakerlab's over 40 years in the speaker business means that we will know the correct part, and if it is no longer available, we will attempt to find a substitute that will be as good (or better) than new.

TIP; when you come in for parts, bring the speaker, and if you can't, please bring as much information as you can. Model numbers are rarely enough; manufacturers often varied the parts within a given series, so part numbers from the speaker drivers, and any other part numbers, will help.

Are your speakers suffering from 'cat scratch fever', or you just want a new look? We carry grille cloth and grille frame fasteners.

And for a fun 'weekend update' project, we carry terminal cups, wire terminations, and a selection of wire so you can update the old 'lamp cord' that so many speakers are wired with! A few hours with a screw driver, wire cutters and maybe a soldering iron can really make your old speakers sing!